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Our desire to be happy is our most basic urge, but physical or emotional trauma can get in the way. Traumatic responses, especially from old painful unresolved experiences, are embedded in our body and in our behavior, and have the ability to blindside us and sabotage our happiness. These responses often produce stress that no longer serves us in our present day-to-day life. Is it possible to recognize the traumatic responses in your body? How can you hear the non-verbal traumatic responses in your reptilian brain? How do you work with old emotional and physical wounds to free up your frozen, survival-based energy, so that you may feel more settled, grounded, and calm in your everyday life?


About Pawan

I was born in Delhi, India to a tradition of meditation practice from an early age. I was moved to adopt mindfulness meditation in October 2001 after I had a blissful experience during walking meditation at Jack Kornfield’s introductory insight meditation retreat at Spirit Rock. Though I came to the US to study finance and still continue that work in the business world, my heart and soul are really in the Buddhist insight mediation world. Since discovering mindfulness meditation in 2001, I have worked in service and healing work as a teacher, mentor, meditator, healer and always a student as there is so much to explore in mind, body, and spirit.



Mindfulness is a radical practice where instead of turning away, we actually turn towards our difficult emotions (i.e. anger or fear) and hold them with compassion. As a result, these emotions self-liberate as they go through their natural cycle of arising and passing. The challenge is in staying present to the complete cycle of the emotion with an open, responsive and flexible mind-heart.


As a Spirit Rock Buddhist Ritual Minister, I have the great joy and honor of officiating ceremonies and rituals that honor life’s most important occasions and times of change. I offer traditional Buddhist ceremonies as well as working with you to create uniquely fitting to your needs. 

Trauma Work

 I support my clients in accessing their innate resiliency and their inherent capacity to rebound and recover from overwhelming experiences. I help facilitate the trauma healing process by guiding my clients to release the stored or blocked survival energy and to complete interrupted physiological process that have gotten “stuck” in the nervous system–in a safe, grounded, effective and contained way. 



“I am blossoming! I can feel my capacity growing and I am so touched by your presence and support in this growing of me. Each time I do a case consult or session with you, I am amazed at the shifts inside of me.”   – J. English, Somatic Experiencing practitioner

“This was an amazing class. I looked at my anxiety with greater clarity. I feel like I have been on a psychological cleanse that opened a greater spaciousness in myself. Pawan, you are a very talented teacher; your calm, intellectual, joyful manner was contagious.”   – EBMC student evaluation 

“The beautiful, loving energy of the instructor (Pawan) who embodied the essence of safety and regulation. She created a healing space for trauma here in the class and later for the students to utilize at home.”  - Esalen student evaluation


“All the information (in class) was very helpful. I could not get enough, the material added to my quality of life and the experiential exercises helped install the material in my body. Thank you for enriching our soul in this way.”  - Emergence student evaluation


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